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Hi my name is Whess. I am a crabby-cakes, neurotic university student who makes art and stuff and things and lives with very pretty cat named Chi in their nerd-cave. I am herbivorous in nature, and like spooky places and things. I'm a member of the Carrier nation. Genderqueer, pan. Yeah. Stuff, things, what.

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Mar 27

i had a nice dream about someone that i don’t know very well.

Mar 14

That rare occasion where like coral, the lunar phase, sunset and temperature are perfect and i want to make out with someone.

How Do Corals Reproduce

Along many reefs, spawning occurs as a mass synchronized event, when all the coral species in an area release their eggs and sperm at about the same time. The timing of a broadcast spawning event is very important because males and female corals cannot move into reproductive contact with each other. Because colonies may be separated by wide distances, this release must be both precisely and broadly timed, and usually occurs in response to multiple environmental cues (Veron, 2000).

The long-term control of spawning may be related to temperature, day length and/or rate of temperature change (either increasing or decreasing). The short-term (getting ready to spawn) control is usually based on lunar cues. The final release, or spawn, is usually based on the time of sunset (Veron, 2000).

Mar 13

i had a really fucking intense nightmare with probably yelling and def sleep paralysis.

this is not a great incentive to sleep.

but then also, sleep.

Mar 8

spending a lot of time thinking “oh my god, please don’t let me fuck this up”.

and by this, i mean my life.

Mar 6

i have so much to do and i can’t seem to get my shit together to even start.

Mar 1

tw: gross lizard skin problems (eczema)

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Feb 17

i had a nice dream about a beautiful moss covered, mansion-like school house in a beautiful garden by the edge of a cliff where there were orcas swimming in the bay and a ghostly snow leopard that shifted in the day light, prowling rocky slopes.

Feb 10

(takes a deep breath)

i just texted my dad telling him that i’m not ready to talk to him right now because of what he said over the holidays.

let’s see if he can actually respectfully keep a distance.


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