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Hi my name is Whess. I am herbivorous in nature, and like spooky places and things. I'm a member of the Carrier nation. Genderqueer, pan.

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Jul 21

grumpy day

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Jul 19

i just want top surgery and to swim with whales is that so much to ask.

Jul 17

Jul 9

Jul 7

some redneck scumbag started yelling at my sis and i from a cab and called us squaws, which is honestly the insult I find most irritating out of all the insults i’ve dealt with and i felt really bad for the cab driver (also a person of colour) who probably also has to deal with that kind of shit all the time which is like fuuuuck. (headdesk). We didn’t respond to him because that would probably just make it worse for us and the cab driver who was looking quite daunted by his charge.

then there’s that fuckwad from the third floor who seems to think he has a chance in my hell of getting near me but please, i’ve got my shit togetherish and I do not need his drama, drugs, loser friends or bullshit domination of space cluttering up my business.

I wish shit like this either just didn’t happen or didn’t bother me as much.

May 30

Either i’m panicking because i’m hungry or because i’ve just made a terribad mistake.

Point being i can’t sleep because o u c h.

Aaah my stomach…but more like my abdomen…it doesn’t feel food related anyways because it’s also my back…it’s like it’s all tensing up and maybe it’s nothing but it also feels like that mysterious chronic pain thing i had going on a few years ago and i am concerned but it’s only been mm 12hrs but i remember that at it’s worse it felt like my whole torso would cramp up in pain…my partner at the time almost carried me home once but i was so upset and confused i wouldn’t let him…

May 16

job search started lackluster (boathouse…) but then i walked into claires and got an scheduled for an interview on the spot O_O also david’s tea and HMV were super pumped to take my resume so whoooo?

i got a call back from save-on for an interview but now i’m like “do i really want to work at save-on…”. There was literally a bb cowboy with the hat and everything working the cash the other day.


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